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Managing a business means you are probably most concerned about staying profitable and paying your bills and your employees. But when you focus too much on how much money a customer brings in, you forget to cultivate and nourish your relationship. Keeping a long-term customer is much easier than seeking out new ones, and usually

  I read a marketing mantra earlier that I’ve been hearing gutted and paraphrased over the last 15 years. But, I’ll put my own spin on it for you. Clark Kent had assets, Superman had a brand What does that mean for the average small business owner trying to thrive in expensive markets without intimate

brand awareness matters

  Consumers must know you exist and you can be trusted. But, where does trust begin? Why does it matter? Brand Recognition begins with Brand Awareness. Marketing and ad strategies work together to inform the greatest number of consumers about the story of your product. The story of your product begins when you form a

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