Local search engine optimization is a part of SEO strategy that aims to divert local traffic to your website. It is a current trend among Internet users to make their search for businesses, products or services location specific. As an Internet marketing tool, local search optimization is widely in use to attract local customers. This type of search optimization makes the search more specific, thereby, increasing the traffic to your website.

A well laid out local search optimization campaign generates appropriate results and helps visitors to actually locate your business. Chances of establishing direct contact is higher resulting in successful lead conversions. Increasing the visibility of your website on the Web is essential for the success of local search optimization.

We believe in our local search optimization strategies to drive high quality visitors to your websites, thereby, assuring you an optimum GEO targeted audience.  We do this through a 3 Step Process:

Conducting Research on the Current Performance of Your Website:

The first step in our local SEO campaign is to carry out an in depth analysis of the performance of your website. This will help us to plan the later stages of the campaign. Here, we study the inbound links and search engine rankings of your website along with the type of traffic the website is enjoying. The current local presence of the website is also evaluated. A preliminary report is prepared on the gathered data which is considered as a guide to gauge the success of the campaign. In this phase, you will also see us carrying out a research for keywords that
are relevant to your business.

Planning the Strategy:

The next phase will actually lay out the campaign. Here, you can choose to get your campaign customized or settle for a basic SEO campaign. If you have already opted for our SEO services, then you can easily enrich it with local PPC (Pay Per Click) or link building strategies.

Keep a Track Through Monthly Reports:

If you choose our services, you will be able to measure the results of your site’s progress and the success of your campaign through monthly reports. These reports will highlight the changes noted in the number of inbound links, search engine rankings and the quality of traffic your site is gaining. Any positive or negative results indicated in the report in relation to the campaign, will be handled quickly and a change in planning will follow. Reviewing analytics and a study of the search engine performances will guide us in making our campaign better so that you can earn high profits from your website. Thus, it proves the importance of local search optimization in gaining GEO targeted traffic to your website and guaranteeing good local online presence.

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