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Are you running Google Ads for your products or services? Chances are, Google has requested verification of your business. Don’t ignore or delay this process, as Google can and will pause your Google Ads account! 

Verifying your account ensures compliance and integrity when using Google Ads. If you’re wondering how to approach the process, look no further – this blog post will provide all the information you need! 

What is the Google Advertiser Verification Program? 

The Google Advertising Verification Program is designed to verify the identities and qualifications of advertisers who wish to place ads on Google platforms. Its goal is to ensure that only legitimate advertisers can run ads on Google and protect users from fraudulent or harmful ads. 

To participate, advertisers must submit specific documentation and complete a verification process. This process might involve providing identification documents, business registration details, and other necessary information. Once verified, advertisers can launch Google Ads campaigns on Google Search, YouTube, and the Google Display Network. If you’re a client of 301’s AdWords service, just send us your documentation, and we’ll handle the uploading process for you. 

The Google Advertiser Verification Program is part of Google’s broader effort to enhance transparency and accountability in digital advertising. By preventing bad actors from advertising on Google, it helps protect users and maintain the integrity of the advertising ecosystem. 

How does the Google Ads Advertiser Verification Process work? 

It’s a series of steps that advertisers must complete to verify their identity and eligibility to run ads on Google’s advertising platforms. Here’s what typically happens during the process: 

    • Submitting Information: Advertisers provide details about their business, like their legal name, contact information, and website URL. Additional information, such as tax ID numbers or other documentation, may be required based on location and business type. 
    • Reviewing the Information: Google’s verification team carefully checks the submitted details for accuracy and completeness. They may also conduct further checks to confirm the advertiser’s identity and eligibility.  
    • Verifying the Identity: Advertisers may need to provide additional documentation, such as a government-issued ID or a business license, to verify their identity. This ensures that only legitimate businesses can advertise on Google. 
    • Verifying the Eligibility: Google reviews the advertiser’s website to ensure compliance with advertising policies and guidelines, verifying their eligibility to run ads on the platform. 
    • Notification: Once the verification process is done, Google informs the advertiser about their verification status. Approved advertisers can start running ads, while those who are not approved may be given a chance to address any issues and reapply.  

How do you know if you need to complete the Google Advertiser Verification Process?  

Just log in to your Google Ads account. You’ll see a notification in the top right corner or click on the Tools and Settings icon to access Advertiser verification directly. 

Have questions?

Read the policy
Learn how to complete advertiser verification
View the advertiser verification FAQ 



I read a marketing mantra earlier that I’ve been hearing gutted and paraphrased over the last 15 years. But, I’ll put my own spin on it for you.


Clark Kent had assets, Superman had a brand

What does that mean for the average small business owner trying to thrive in expensive markets without intimate e-commerce know-how? You have to realize who you are as a business. I know that you might be the biggest, toughest door plate salesman in Poughkeepsie. But, Wal-Mart and The Home Depot don’t know you exist. Therefore, why should their potential customers? Who are you to those hordes of random clickers online or thousands of eyeballs quickly streaming past your ad? Whether they’re in a car, in front of a computer or they have their face buried in a cellphone screen…these people are your targets.

You’re Clark Kent. Right now, you’re a fair-to-above average businessperson who knows their local market and their area of expertise. You have assets on-hand. Whether that’s knowing how to stay profitable while undercutting the competition or having a relationship with repeat customers…this is your bread & butter. But, how do you compete against the big guys? Those seas of Giant S Shields that make everyone go ape and stop what they’re doing. At heart, you’re offering the same product. Why is it that you can’t break out past what you already know?


photo credit: Troy Thompson, Creative Commons

In the above image, I have found the perfect formula for every business owner to memorize. Your brand is unique to your business and no one can steal it from you. Your business has a story that you create through history, press and daily interactions. Add to that the experience you create for customers and related clientele when they work with you. Divide that by the expectation that your partners, employees and customers have upon dealing with you as a merchant in a new age.

Your brand is the end result of that. It’s a long road, but it begins with a few basic steps. When you come to 301 Interactive Marketing, we look at these steps and begin a plan for greater achievement. You know your business and we know what it takes to help build your brand as you build our brand. E-commerce is a symbiotic relationship that is constantly in flux. Let us guide you to a place where you are recognized and achieve far greater success than with your unfocused assets.


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