Website Hosting

Monitoring and Keeping up-to-date
Web Hosting is not an easy task and if not properly monitor could lead to your website losing functionality or worse hacked. Here are some benefits to hosting with 301 Interactive Marketing: 1. Faster deploy times by at least 50%. We won’t have to coordinate releases with a 3rd-party. Additionally, since we control the deploy process end-to-end, we can ensure quality at every step. See *deployment scenarios below. 2. Support response times. We host a massive number of websites with WordPress Engine so we have a lot of pull when it comes to prioritizing support requests. We also have our own server cluster, so your site won’t be hosted with a bunch of other random sites. 3. Our WordPress Engine auto-updates and security posture. WPE takes hosted site security very seriously. This includes keeping WordPress up-to-date as well as other active & passive security measures. Auto-updates save time (i.e. maintenance budget!).
# 1
Deployment Scenario
  • 301 has direct access to the server we’re deploying to.
  • Client needs a change, 301 makes the change and deploys it immediately.
# 2
Deployment Scenario
  • 301 has to go through a 3rd-party to release changes.
  • Client has a change. 301 makes the change and request that the 3rd party deploys it.
  • If we’re lucky, they respond right away and deploy the change within a few hours of the request.
  • If we’re unlucky, it takes a day to get a response, then several hours to deploy.
  • If we’re really unlucky,
    • It takes more than a day to get a response (or)
    • They make a mistake doing the deploy and the site is broken.
    • etc…
Yes, hosting is a commodity, but you pay for support. With a stagnant, simple site, a cheaper hosting arrangement might be the best decision (cost-wise). If you’re paying a host $5/month, you’re getting $0.60/day support. How much support do you think you are getting for $0.60/day? Along with the benefits and scenarios (listed above), another benefit is our library of tools and widgets. All of these we have either built, vetted or customized in some way. For example, we use Gravity Forms, Jetpack and Yoast SEO Premium, but we have spent years molding them to work exactly how we need them to. We also have buckets of pre-made shortcodes, widget areas, metadata, etc. that we have created specifically for our code base, launch strategy and quality assurance process. Instead of building them from scratch every time, we can use already successful implementations and plug them in. That means saving several hours of QA and debugging time for each launch from our hosting servers, since that work has already been done! I want to be transparent in that we can use these already developed widgets and plugins on your site regardless of where it is hosted, BUT it is very important to note that our deployment strategy and quality assurance testing will not be nearly as streamlined (therefore taking longer). If you are ready to take your web hosting to the next level and/or need a secure reliable web hosting solution contact 301 Interactive Marketing.