At a glance, examine your website’s performance
Need Google Analytics Help? Website Analytics It’s easy to set up a Google Analytics account (just sign up and add the tracking code to your website! It is really that simple). But without an expert opinion (or say, the expertise of a Google Analytics specialist), you could end up with unrecoverable data inaccuracies, reviewing inflated reports, capturing incomplete data, mixing paid and non-paid search engine traffic, and missing out on the wide array of benefits that the tool provides. As Google Authorized Analytics Consultants (GAAC’s), we’ll make sure you’re using each of Google’s valuable tools to their highest potential and benefit to you, so you’re tracking and analyzing relevant metrics, not confusing data.

Our Monthly Internet Marketing Reports contain:

  1. Site Summary – At a glance, examine your website’s performance.
  2. Sales & Conversions – Directly monitor the performance of important metrics such as sales and goal conversions.
  3. Recommendations – Steps you can take or ideas that we believe will improve your website.
  4. Visitor Profile – Gain a better understanding of your website’s average visitor.
  5. Strategy – Marketing strategy that we implemented for the current month, and the initiatives we plan to implement in the coming months.
  6. Keyword Report – Track the progress of your top keywords with no effort.
  7. Link Detail Report – View how successful we were in linkbuilding.
  8. Pay-Per-Click Report – If a Pay-Per-Click campaign is in progress, view a brief snapshot of its performance.
Our hope is that these monthly marketing reports will offer insights into your customers’ minds that were previously undiscovered. With knowledge gained from these reports, you can adapt your traditional marketing tactics to better target your customers.