How to Use Storytelling to Market Your Brand

Posted on: Thursday, Nov 18

Storytelling to Market Your Brand

The science behind storytelling goes back centuries. The reason why storytelling is such an effective way to market ourselves and our businesses is because of how we evolved as a species. We are simply wired to process stories as if they were our own experiences.

When you give a presentation using stories instead of only facts and statistics, you activate not only the language processing parts of the brain, but also any other area that we would use when experiencing the events of the story. After all, people remember how you make them feel, not the specifics of what you say.

Successful marketers understand the relationship between attaining customers and telling good stories. Whatever industry you are in, telling your brand’s story well and with emotion is key to driving your sales and growing your business.

So, how do you weave storytelling into your pitches and make people believe in your business? Take a look below at these simple ways to add some storytelling punch to your strategy. 

Understand your “Why”

Every brand has a story. To tell yours, you need to clearly communicate who your brand is and why people should support it. Before you begin to tell your story, define your unique selling proposition, your core values, and why your company exists in the first place. People will not buy into your product or service until they understand your brand’s why. Use the following questions to guide your storytelling. 

  • What is the purpose of your brand? 
  • What does your brand value? 
  • Why should your brand matter to potential customers?

Appeal to your customers’ needs.

Whether your goal is to get more newsletter sign ups, sell more of one of your products, or book a consultation, you should aim to inspire them, not sell. To do that, try to put yourself into your potential customer’s shoes. What do they need and want? What are their struggles, worries, and frustrations? Understand what their pain points are, and then demonstrate how your company can solve those pain points. 

By taking a customer-first approach and seeking to motivate them, you will be much more successful than if you throw data and facts at them. Paint a picture through words to illustrate how your brand will keep its promise and help fulfill your customers’ needs.

The marketing experts at 301 can help you define your brand’s story.

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