Natural Link Building

Posted on: Wednesday, Dec 26

To avoid Google penalties, remember that your link building campaign should look natural to Google. Below I’ve listed 7 factors, which we will apply for your link building campaign when you decide to order one of our natural link building packages.

7 Rules for Your Link Building Campaign to Look Natural for Google
1. Links should come from different resources (forums, directories, article directories, social sites, blogs, etc.).
2. Links should NOT come from “links pages” (pages with more than 50 outbound links).
3. Links should NOT be built too quickly. Link building speed should be natural.
4. Links should NOT be built with the same link building frequency. In order to look natural, link building speed should vary.
5. Links should come from different IP addresses.
6. Links should come with various keywords used as anchor text. (Our link building packages allow you to use multiple keywords.)
7. Links should come to different pages of your website. Try not to build all links only to your homepage unless it’s really the most valuable page. (With us you can use many different inner pages of your site.)

Remember, That Rankings Improve on Google Can Seriously Increase Your Site Traffic & Profit.

Natural Link Building

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