ATA College

ATA College provides quality instruction, hands-on training and effective career preparation in a comfortable environment. ATA joined our agency in 2014.

The Challenge

Prior to joining 301, ATA was working with a traditional marketing agency implementing broadcast media buys and billboard advertising. At that time, they weren’t experiencing great results and didn’t have much transparency with their traditional agency. ATA was also purchasing leads from a third party and therefore experiencing high costs for each lead.

The Solution

After learning about ATA’s experience with their previous marketing agency, we discussed going all digital – they stopped all forms of traditional marketing and purchasing leads from a 3rd party. We were able to begin SEO, PPC, blogging and website development/maintenance and show them the return of investment on digital marketing.

The Results

While ramping up all forms of digital marketing we were able to lower the cost per lead. We have increased ATA’s online presence across all channels (Google, social media) and have grown with them as the college went from two campuses to four, plus two additional healthcare training sites in Kentucky, Ohio, Oklahoma and Florida.

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