Taylor Homes

Taylor Homes is a respected custom home builder in the Midwest and was the second client to join our agency over 10 years ago.

The Challenge

During that time 10 years ago, Taylor Homes was looking for a new search engine optimization vendor to help improve its leads. The custom home builder was also budget conscious, which meant our task was to generate more new leads while keeping costs with in the set budget.

The Solution

Our agency began analyzing the leads month by month and consulting on different digital marketing strategies. We began revamping Taylor Homes’ website, implementing Google Adwords, social media marketing, and blogging – alongside the original task of SEO.

The Results

Every year for 10 years we’ve been able to increase leads for Taylor Homes. Our strong and ongoing relationship with the client helps us to continue delivering results. It’s our responsibility to increase leads while also staying within the set monthly budget, which we’ve done and continue to do. Monthly in-person meetings help us maintain constant contact and a great overall relationship.

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